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SA tutor Adrian May. ACT Tutor Adrian May. London SAT Tutor.
Rashida - SAT student

Hello! I am a personal and online tutor, giving lessons in Glasgow, London, and over Skype. Whilst I specialise in the entrance exams to American universities as an ACT and SAT tutor, I also have a lot of experience coaching students through their GCSE's, A-Levels, Scottish Highers, IB and university work, and I am always happy to help in any way I can.

As an SAT and ACT tutor, I can help you get into the college of your choice. I only teach exams that I can get a perfect score on myself, so you can be sure that I can help you improve your performance in all sections of the SAT and ACT. I have specialised teaching materials to cover the whole syllabus of the exams, from Maths and Science to English and Reading, and five years worth of handy tips and techniques to tackle multiple choice exams in a strategic manner. As an online tutor, I can bring you all the benefits of personalised, one to one ACT or SAT tuition from the comfort of your own home, wherever in the world you are. I also pride myself in being an inclusive, empathetic and patient tutor, making all students feel comfortable and welcome whilst tailoring my teaching to your specific educational needs. 

I also write and research. I have published a book on contemporary French intellectual culture and vlog on recent books in literature, art, politics and philosophy. 

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