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“Adrian, I got into my early decision College and wanted to thank you again for all your help!!"

- Emma (student)

"My thanks, Adrian, you were a superb tutor and I got great results - I scored a 1490! Many Thanks for you great help."  - James (student)

"I took my first SAT test without any tutoring. I sought out Adrian, who taught me various vital skills in a very comprehensible manner as well as essentially changing my approach to the exam. This is what makes him stand out from other tutors: he helped me recognise the value of method rather than just focusing on knowledge. There is a certain way of thinking and processing, which Adrian was able to convey so effectively and this was represented in the success of my second set of results. He creates a comfortable learning environment that was key in my development. I highly recommend Adrian as a tutor- he will deliver" - Timothy (student)

"Adrian is good at understanding and identifying where you are having trouble and then being able to explain in a way that helps remove those barriers. He is inviting and warm, considerate and friendly, and

creates a learning environment in which you feel comfortable enough to ask questions and not be afraid to get things wrong." - Seb (student)

"Adrian was an invaluable asset that ultimately led to our daughter’s success in taking the ACT standardised University entrance exam. His tutoring approach was very effective, he did so by aiding her in her study approach, covering  all subjects depth and provided useful test taking tricks. His knowledge was not restrained to one section, rather he was able to help improve her reading skills, teach key grammar rules and explain complicated math topics. Adrian did a great job at fostering a positive studying environment which was key in improving her test scores. Additionally, beyond the tips and tricks he was able to provide for cracking the test, his ability to instil a calm and confident mindset was hugely beneficial when preparing for and sitting the exam. He was a great tutor that we would recommend to all!"
 - Lisa (parent)
"I am pleased to say that I got my test results back and scored a 35 (36 Science, 35 Reading, 35 Maths and 32 English). Thank you so much for all the help you gave me over the summer, it was all clearly worth it!" - Matt (student)
"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help with the ACT. I got my result today and was very pleased to get a 34!!!" - Isabel (student)
"The lessons really fly by - I guess I'm having fun? And I always leaves feeling way smarter than when I came in!" - Sara (student)

"Adrian worked with our son regularly during Year 11 extensively on English Language/Literature as well as on Maths. Given our son is dyslexic Adrian needed to adjust his regular sessions to his different way of learning and challenges with organisation. We found Adrian to be a great mixture of encouraging, patient and when needed more demanding to get the best results possible. The fact that our teenage son didn’t protest either the sessions or the homework suggests Adrian is very effective working with bright but not always the most self-motivated students.

In terms of results we were very pleased with the improvement in our son’s achievement in just one year. For a dyslexic student to reach an A grade (almost A*) in English language in GCSEs was particularly encouraging, far better than we expected.  Where there were fewer issues in Maths Adrian was able to similarly help our son achieve a high mark that then encouraged him to focus on Maths and other numerical subjects at A levels."  John (parent)

"We are delighted by his Maths and English results and really appreciate all you have done to help him. 
You have made a big difference which has allowed him to stay on for 6th form and a choice of excellent A levels" – Steven (student)
"She really enjoyed her sessions with Adrian, we would really like him to help her over the next 2 years” – Claire (parent)
"My son is finally enjoying poetry for the first time ever. Adrian has totally turned around his enthusiasm and achievement for English"
- Hasan (parent)
"Adrian tutored me for HL IB maths and Sat Maths 2. He was an incredible maths tutor. He taught me new ways to look at problems which were incredibly effective which made some problems so much easier. He was so good in explaining problems that i did not understand. I would highly recommend!!"
 - Sophia (student)
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